2011 RTW – Makeup.

I’ve never really focussed much on the beauty aspect of runway. Perhaps it’s because I don’t wear a lot of makeup myself (admittedly because I’m shite at it) – my counterpart Maggie has always been one educated on, and talented with, all things cosmetics. It’s only really since I’ve really enjoyed being on shoots myself, that I’ve begun to notice just how intricate make-up artistry is. So, in celebration of my enlightenment, I am posting about my favourite makeup looks from fashion weeks all over the globe. 1. Chloé (Paris) I can’t imagine a more perfect eyecolour for cooler weather. The warm, ochre brown, with a tiny bit of black/brown eyeliner and huge lashes. Beautiful. It’s such a flattering look as well, surely would suit everyone.

2. Lanvin (Paris) The wings. Almost feline, it was a beautiful animal+tree = nature feeling.

3. Anna Sui (New York) Edie Sedgwick inspired, except a little longer horizontally, if that makes sense. Absolutely gorgeous though, made every model look doll-like. How very Anna Sui.

4. Loewe (Paris) The lipstick. I’m all about dark lipstick, being a fan of all things grungey. That paired with the leather in this collection: HOOOOT.

I’m sure there’s more that I haven’t noticed yet. I’m so terrible with makeup! But I am slowly but surely picking up on more and more. Bear with me, oh gentle readers. I’ll add more to this post when I find more to add! Love! C x


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