Inspo #2

RAFW is fast approaching, and I have to admit, I’m behaving like a kid before Christmas.  Sydney is only a short flight from Adelaide, but I feel we’ll be touching down in a far away land of glamour, elegance and genius.

I’m sure that anyone who shares our same obsession can relate; the further we delved into the world of fashion, the more we wanted, no, NEEDED, to be a part of it. Now, after spending countless hours poring through magazines, scouring the net and salivating over shows from all around the world, it seems we are finally going to be witness to all we have coveted for so long.

With our flights booked for Monday, we find ourselves on the precipice. Will our love and flare for the industry be enough for us to rise to the occasion of RAFW, or are we destined to be two girls from Adelaide with dreams too big for the moment?

As the invites for shows roll in, my head is spinning with ideas for outfits. As always, I have consulted my counterpart with my latest buys and how I should piece them together.  Here are just some looks I’ll be going for.

I’m crossing my fingers that all goes well, but more than anything I look forward to showing everyone what I like and love during RAFW.

M x.

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