Most hectic three days of our lives: RAFW Pt. 1

First off, we have to apologise. When we pulled our camera out of our luggage on Day 2, it would not turn on. We’re not sure if it was damaged during the flight or something, but we have tried everything to fix it and it is unfixable unfortunately. So we have an array of iPhone 4 photos, and images from a few photographer friends. Please forgive us!

RAFW 2011 being our first ever Fashion Week, we weren’t really sure what to expect. We stressed and fretted and panicked about our outfits from the minute we received the Media Accreditation email. This was clearly not what we should have been stressing about. We probably should have been fretting about getting to the airport on time.

We arrived one minute late (quite literally) to the check-in desk, and was told we could not board our flight. I was nearly in tears, Maggie is luckily skilled in the art of calming down Anxious Chloe. We paid $60 each to transfer our flight, and 5 hours later, we were on our way to Sydney.

When we arrived, we rushed to our hotel, then to the first show we could:

Friend of Mine.

Friend of Mine, is not for everyone. It’s grungey, while at the same time being simple, clean, and cut in all the right places. It’s leather, its lace, its snakeskin, its zig zag ends, its bright and dark at the same time. If the White Queen and the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland had a child somehow, she would be wearing Friend of Mine’s collection. It was mainly black, white and grey, with a few mustard, brown and orange, such as a pair of orange snakeskin shorts. My favourite pieces were a black, flowy dress with a large leather brace across the top; Edgy, while remaining femenine and different; and a lace minidress, beautifully crafted with a grungy cutoff at the bottom. The show was simply set out, unfortunately some of the models appeared quite nervous and raced down the runway. Other than that, beautiful show, and many many kudos for using The Smiths on the playlist.

After Friend of Mine, we finally went home to our room, bought a bottle of red, and sat in bed feeling sorry for ourselves after a hectic day. So terrible. More posts to come.

C & M x

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