We are highly anticipating RAFW’s RAFFLES show tomorrow. It will feature 6 RAFFLES College students, four locals from North Sydney, and two international students (Erin Loh from Singapore, and Zhigang Chen from China). Each student will present a 10 piece collection to some of the great names in the fashion industry at RAFW tomorrow.

Since all the designers are either current or recently graduated students, I wanted to find out some more about them. I searched for some information about their inspiration for their collection, and so on. I found an interview here with all of the designers.

Erin Loh (The Prodigal Son) of Singapore, will present a collection is said to be inspired by the beauty of the ruins of cities, remnants of old buildings, and romantic nostalgia.

Byron McGilvray (Illuminati) of Sydney is preparing to shock audiences with an avant-garde inspired collection.

Winston Tan (Nosnim) of Sydney themed his collection around breaking the rules of fashion. His collection promotes erractic shapes and abstract elements.

Hoi Ling Tsoi (Crystal Tsoi) of Sydney presents a collection that fuses east and west, and explores her own curiosity of the world around her.

Peggy Hartanto (Peggy Hartanto), known for her high end womenswear, was inspired by Japanese culture, and her collection will include origami-esque pieces.

Zhigang Chen (Zhigang) of Shanghai, China, incorporates Chinese culture into Western clothing, with a very neutral colour palette.

We are so excited to see what these designers present. We have found, both in Adelaide and from seeing the emerging designers at RAFW, that there is so much energy and a wonderful sense of creativity that flows at these shows. Design students are not just influenced by the world around them, but strongly rely their own imaginations in creation. There is something entirely beautiful about that. Good luck tomorrow guys!

C & M x

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