RAFW Day #2

Miss Unkon

Miss Unkon, at the Cargo Theatre, was the first differently set up runway show we had attended. We could feel the excitement rise as the audience filed into the theatre, seeing the diamond stage in the middle of the runway, and the huge white orbes dangling from the ceiling.

The models were adorned with tribal-esque painted ‘tattoos’ on their arms and legs, and hair was romantic and old world, with braids and side parts. The models wore black heeled hiker boots, with a red lace in one, and a yellow or white lace in the other – a very bold statement against the flowy clothing.

The collection was pinks, purples, burnt orange, and neutrals. It was beautiful long dresses and skirts, full circle mini skirts, cutout detailing on the back, long lace capes, wideleg pants, dresses with more length at the back, high collars and dangling jewel necklaces. The final exit, a backless dusty pink/nude dress with a high collar, was a beautiful ending to a delicate, old world collection. Keeping to true Miss Unkon style, the collection showed an array of gorgeous feminine silhouettes with a decidedly natural, historical edge.

Ready to Wear #2

We went to the RTW2 to show in order to support our friend Uly’s label (None the Richer). It ended up being one of our favourite shows that we had attended! Blessed are the Meek, Guanabana Designs, None the Richer, and Wonders Cease were all featured.

C & M x

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