Menswear Spring 2012

Just a quick post about my favourite collections from the 2012 menswear shows!

Bottega Veneta

Leather shirts and panels of jackets, plaid, coloured pattern trouser, militia khaki and beige, bright slim fit suits, neutral tones.



John Galliano

the kooks, the preps and the punks. starting with old world military jackets, wooden beads, plaid, sizeable hats, printed tees and feathers, continuing on to colourful suits and schoolboy shorts, quirky ties, overcoats, oversized round glasses and knee-high socks, ending with bare chest, slim pants, studs and leather, all black.


Rick Owens

neutral colour palette, whites blacks and beiges, flowing skirts, blazers, high necklines, subtle tonal patterns, oversized sunglasses, clean cut lines and horiztonal stripes. this collection is incredible. very much wanted to include every exit in the pictures, but i begrudgingly picked out a few.


Vivienne Westwood

Olympia, tartan, formal v casual, sport jackets and cardigans, waistcoats with suits, off center buckles and zips. Love VW.



geometrical floral pattern, vibrant khaki, sequined, clean white crisp, knee length skirts and slim trouser.

 Want this jumper more than life itself.


There’s plenty more I loved, but these were my favourites! Love!


C x


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