First show without Galliano: Dior Haute Couture A/W 2011

I liked it. Nothing shocked me or made me gasp, but overall, I really did revel in Gattyen’s collection.

“I wanted this collection to be very modern”, said Gattyen after the show. Mission accomplished.

The collection began with a mishmash of geometrical headpieces, eclectic patterns, and tutti-frutti pastel colour scheme, before floating into a world of romance, tulle and ballgowns – the skirts were so large that models were struggling to pass each other on the runway. Frizzed hair, metallic eyes and copius amounts of glitter were applied to each model, as you could’ve expected from such a crazed collection. Mosaic patterns and structured sorbet-coloured jackets were my favourite, but there definitely was something remarkable about the final ballgowns that emerged. The incredible merging of different fabrics and lines in the skirts was beautiful to watch. Matched with miscellaneous headpieces that make little to no sense (the beauty of a Dior Haute Couture collection), the end of the show was a delight to the eyes. Karlie Kloss making the final exit in a Pierrot-inspired hat and gown really tickled my fancy as well. Love!

C ♥ x

P.S I really, really feel like gelato after looking at images from this show.


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