Elie Saab

One of our closest friends, Catty Fox, fell desperately in love with the Elie Saab haute couture collection, so she wrote about it and sent it to us! SWTC’s first guest piece – enjoy!

Elie Saab’s F/W 2011 haute couture collection was everything fashion – and especially haute couture – should be. A fairytale, a dream, the sparkly-without-being-tacky gowns reminded me exactly why i love fashion so much. Anja Rubik opened for the Lebanese designer in a sheer gown that glittered in all the right places and set the stage for a show that shone as bright as Saab’s talent. Colours ranged from ivory to cream, pale to mid brown then from an ethereal silvery blue to a deeper hue and were highlighted with breathtakingly intricate details consisting of beads, sequins, jewels and shimmering embroidery.


Saab is renown for his fine knowledge and appreciation for the body of a woman and it certainly showed. Gowns nipped in at the waist and draped beautifully in the case of the long pieces, with the occasional slit giving us a glance at a well formed leg while shorter pieces flared out playfully. Parts of the collection were quite covered up with long sleeves and high necks  but throughout the show, the sheer fabric exposed the body in an elegant way that made each model look delicately elfin.


The show finished with extremely enthusiastic applause as the final piece – a drop dead gorgeous wedding dress – was revealed to the audience. Without a doubt, the collection was one of the best featured in Paris Haute Couture F/W 2011 shows and i can guarantee you’ll be seeing them again on the red carpet more than once!


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