Lovisa & Golf Punk

Just a quick post about an some items I absolutely LOVE. I took some Photobooth photos to accompany the post… they probably take away from the goodness, but oh well.

First off;

I bought this Golf Punk sweater dress when I was about seventeen, and mistakenly bought a size that was too small for me, due to Golf Punk’s extremely slim fit. However, I tried it on today, and it finally fits me! I love its length, cosy brushed interior and geometric pattern. Golf Punk was a fantastic label, I loved all of their items.


My three favourite rings. My faithful None the Richer ‘Caved’ ring on the far left is one I wear all the time, it was a present from the designer Ulyana. The other two are from Lovisa. I’ve never been into Lovisa before, and was pleasantly surprised. I absolutely love rings, so I was absolute heaven in this store. Everything is reasonably priced, and you can choose between on-trend pieces, or classic ‘wear it with everything’ pieces. The square gold ring on my pointer finger is simple and gorgeous, and the YSL-inspired khaki stone is my new favourite piece of jewelry. I highly encourage you to switch from Team Diva, and head into a Lovisa store!

C x

4 thoughts on “Lovisa & Golf Punk

  1. Both Lovisa and Diva are owned by the same company. Therefore, a lot of Lovisa’s stock consists of styles that currently are or were once stocked by Diva even from years back. They are one in the same, you haven’t discovered anything new.

    1. Hi Francesca! I don’t think I ever said I did! I was just showing off my purchases. Whether my money going to the same or different companies doesnt really matter to me, I just found a lot more styles that Iiked in lovisa, so I’ll be shopping there from now on 🙂 Obviously my ‘team diva’ joke wasn’t obvious enough! X

  2. Hey chloe. Lurve your blog & style, hence I had a certain vintage dress in mind for your shimmering style! It could only be meant for you! Keep up your individuality. You are a gorgeous woman. Karen (AKA dress up box) X

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