Anja Konstantinova for Wildfox Swim

Australian model Anja Konstantinova fronts Wildfox Couture’s first swim range, called Wildfox Swim. Anja, a Melbourne girl, has been taking the world by storm recently, despite only being 5″4. I’ve watched her move from beauty campaigns, to some of the biggest modelling jobs a girl could ask for. I have met her on multiple occasions, and watched her walk at RAFW 2011, and I can say that this girl is heading for the stars – she’s absolutely adorable, and has the loveliest heart.

The range, as pictured below, shows basic ‘Baywatch’ one-pieces, racy cut-outs, ‘corsets from the seventies’-inspired two pieces, high waistlines, emblazoned torsos, frills, and a flurry of prints that range from a dark galaxy to floral to animalia. Every piece in this range is very different to the next piece, and even though it does seem a little hectic, it is obvious that the designers were all about creating swimwear for ALL women. Every taste and body shape is covered – once you’ve gotten your head around that idea, the range makes a lot more sense. It’s previous sense of chaos is now more that of a flurried beauty. I love that a tattered copy of Faulkner’s ‘The Sound and the Fury’ is also featured.

I’m not exactly a ‘swimwear’ kinda person, but when I saw these images I had to pick my jaw up from off the ground. STUNNING!

Chloe x

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