Random Assortment of RAFW photos.

I have just returned from a trip to Melbourne, so I obviously have the post-interstate blues. I saw so many people with their own incredible style there, and was feeling inspired when I returned home, so I started online scrapbooking my favourite fashion images, including those I took at RAFW 2011.

Funnily enough, when I searched through my iPhoto folders, there was one I didn’t remember making… When I opened it, I found about 25 photos I do not at all remember. I suppose it was to be expected though; fashion week is a chaotic time, you don’t remember the last time you ate, let alone every photo you took. Regardless of my fickle memory, I was ecstatic with the photos I found, so I decided to post some of them. They are jumbled, in no order whatsoever. But I hope you enjoy them too.


Stolen Girlfriend’s Club (Have to say, although it’s blurry, I’m quite proud of us capturing the male model giving us the cheeky finger just before he exited! Truly captured everything the SGC label is all about!)

Back stage at Alistair Trung

Ms. Couture

RAFFLES show – Byron McGilvray’s Illuminati

Fernando Frisoni

Maggie Cameron, Alex Dubois (Founder of Faint Magazine) and myself at RAFW 2011

Outfit Notes

Shirt-dress: American Apparel

Leather Jumper: Vintage

Coat: Vintage

Ring: Samantha Wills

Shoes: Distressed leather Jeffrey Campbell Lita

Bag: Vintage Oroton


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