I have been pleasantly surprised by a few shows at London Fashion Week, but none more so than Acne. I’ll admit that the label has always flown under my radar, but after seeing their SS12 collection, Acne is definitely at the top of my must-have list.

Far from conservative, the collection features bold shapes, stencil cutouts, asymmetrical lines and a block-colour palette that clashes to perfection.  I was particularly impressed by the 60’s style lime green of a few pieces, which screamed minimalistic cool when paired with crisp white, and a splash of black or burnt orange.

The cherry on top of this refreshingly edgy collection was the loafer style flats worn throughout. They gave me the same impression of effortless style and comfort as Prada Creepers did the first time I saw a pair in action.

Kudos Acne. You’ve certainly got my attention.

Maggie x.

One thought on “HELLO ACNE – LFW

  1. what are the chances, I just looked at your pics & realised I met you – I was the chick who complimented your bleached brows! Adelaide is so teeny, anyway was lovely meeting you – thanks for your beautiful comment. And love your blog, am following you right back on bloglovin x

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