I’m terrified of this coming off as shameless self promotion, but hear me out.

I recently did a shoot for Australian label Sushi Radio. It was a crazy shoot, in fields, rundown houses and Landcruisers from decades ago. We threw beer at each other, smoked a pack of cigarettes, smashed bottles, turned cars sideways, and stood on top of them with no shirt on proclaiming ‘We are the Wild’.

Anyway, I absolutely fell in love with Sushi Radio’s designs. Singlets and t-shirts are their thing, but them make ’em grungy – they’re made to get dirty. Which makes me love them even more.

My favourite is the ‘Wild Horses’ singlet, and I also have a massive soft spot for the ‘California Bitchz’ singlets. In black and white. LOVE.

And yes I was topless on top of a Landcruiser.

Have a good weekend!

Chlo x


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