Zara Hits Adelaide

So, the much-loved Zara chain has finally hit lil’ old Adelaide. I was lucky enough to be invited to the Media Tour before the store opened, so I decided to take some pics to show you guys incase you hadn’t been to Burnside Village in the past… 13 hours.

Menswear that I loved: double collared shirts, detailed pocketing, drop-crotch shorts and pants, moccasins, brown leather bags of every shape and size, fitted suit jackets with silk/leather detail on the lapels, pops of red, soft black leather business totes.

Womenswear that I loved: florals with lime, statement blazers, maxidresses & wideleg jumpsuits with interesting necklines, skinny belts, royal blue, tulip dresses, oriental print, brown leather satchels/bags/clutches, ‘The Virgin Suicides’ dresses, lurex, neoprene dresses, black studs, black leather.

So what do we think?

I literally had to give my credit card to someone and tell them under no circumstances were they to give it back to me until we had left Zara. Even if you are sceptical, I urge you to go have a look.

C x


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