bloggodels: models with blogs

In the past few years, we’ve noticed an influx of models on the blogosphere. And we are loving it. Backstage iphone pics, photos of Coco and Karlie having sleepovers, street style pics and selfies, Behati’s photos of exploring poverty-stricken countries, struggles with mental illness and boredom with the industry, social images at the incredible parties, and things that the top models are inspired by. It’s a fantastic insight into a section of the industry that is so constantly ignored: the personalities behind the pretty faces. It’s so easy to forget that these beautiful girls are humans, just like you and me. And that’s why we are loving the model+blogger mesh that’s come the light recently: getting to know these girls gives you a more personal connection with them and where their careers are going.

However, it’s not always a light browsing experience. To this day, nearly 3 years after her death, I still go back and read Daul Kim’s final public words. Kim committed suicide at the age of 20, in May of 2009. Her blog recorded her battles with the industry, and severe depression. If you can deal with the heavy subject, I encourage everyone to read her stagnant blog, I Like to Fork Myself, as a reminder that all that glitters is not gold. Beautiful, tragic, and unique, Daul’s experiences as a in-demand model will really make you think.

Australian sweetheart Jess Hart’s blog, JESS.HART/BLOG, is exactly what you’d expect a model’s personal blog to be. Her favourite shots of herself, blogposts dedicated to trips out or parties, self-taken photos with friends, and a log of the glamourous events she attends. There’s also a lot of outfit-based posts, which you would expect, seeing as Jess is style icon with her own label. It’s a very image-heavy blog, and gives incredible insight into the places, people, and things Jess gets to see on a day to day basis. Which is exactly what us mere mortals want to see. Warning: you will get jealous.

South African Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo’s blog was probably one of the most surprising we discovered. We admittedly judged a book by it’s cover; after seeing Behati swaying down the VS runway in very small, very expensive lingerie, we did not expect her blog, Behati Prinsloo, to be her own black and white, emotional photography. Her images of Haiti and Namibia are emotive, striking, and a world and a half away from what you have seen of the Angel in the tabloid magazines. Behati is obsessed with photography, and also documents the people, friends, streets and love that surrounds her life. She captures moments.

Karlie Kloss, the modelling industry’s new darling, apparently began her blog under force of supermodel/blogger extraorindaire, Coca Rocha. Her blog is essentially backstage pictures, and smartphone photos of her and model friends hanging out. At first I thought to myself, ‘this isn’t as glamorous as it could be…’ until I remembered that Karlie is only 17. Then it all made sense. Kloss Gloss is incredibly cute, and when you see Karlie grinning in selftaken photos with her friends and family, you forget about the ‘top model of the moment’ tag for a little while, and it warms your heart. P.S. Seeing a selfie Coco and Karlie took together while having ‘a slumber party’, where they’re both peeking out from under a blanket is one of the cutest things you will ever see.

US girl Kelly Mittendorf, one of my absolute favourite models right now, is following in Charlotte Free’s lead, and gathering her own little cult following by having an account with blogging community Tumblr. KMitt as she has come to be known, uses her tumblr page, I Will Cleverly Entitle This Later, to post everything that inspires her, answer questions from fans, and what she aspires to achieve in the modelling industry. She is absolutely adorable, has so much time for her fans and admirers, and comes across as so clever. She’s definitely one to watch. No Prada to Nada curse here, guaranteed.

Other honorable mention/bloggodels you already know about: Coco Rocha, Anja Konstantinova, Ruby Jean Wilson, Dempsey Stewart, Codie Young, Saskia de Brauw.

Is there any other model/bloggers that you love? Comment below and let us know!

C + M x


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