sneaker freaker

I never thought I would be a ‘kicks’ kind of person. Yet here I am, with brand-spanking new kicks, heading to a fashion party. More on that later though. Sneakers are the the IT thing to be wearing right now. I’m completely obsessed with Isabel Marant’s amazing ‘Willow’ and ‘Bobby’ sneakers.


 One of our close friends, Elisa from Elisa Jane Photography recently purchased her Isabel Marant Willow kicks in cream and black, and I was incredibly envious! Unfortunately being a freelance writer, I wouldn’t be able to afford one of the shoelaces right now, but I couldn’t let go of my love for these shoes! So I decided that I needed to find a cheaper alternative. I thought it would be damn near impossible (I think everyone would agree that it takes a ridiculously long time for trends like this to filter down to commercial stores) yet I found a couple! we searched around for a cheaper option. We found two:

Jessica Buurman – These are probably the best replicas you’ll ever find, and they are on sale! $159.95 through the online store, these babies are gorgeous, and a fraction of the IM price. Make sure you take a look around the site too. The site has recently started clothing as well as shoes, and its all damn cool and reasonably priced.

Rubi Shoes – Retailing at $49.95, these are definitely the way to go. The wedge in them is barely noticeable to your feet, but you will get comments such as ‘Why are you so tall today?’ – a benefit to my 5’7 stature. They have imitations of both the Willow and the Bobby, too!

Also, talking about sneakers, we also found one of our photos from RAFW last year. This photographer was wearing Jeremy Scott kicks, a black overcoat, and a bowler hat. We loved him. Thought you’d like to see his awesome sneakers.

C&M x

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