lfw favourite looks

London Fashion Week is one of my absolute favourites. The collections are so quirky and creative. I think if I was to fly overseas for a fashion week, my first choice would probably be London. Something about the in-your-face originality, and all the clashing pieces together being celebrated and loved, sits 100% right with me. I love it.

There was so many collections I loved this season. But I decided to narrow this post down to just a few so yourself, the reader, wont fall asleep halfway through.


  • Acne – I loved the strange palette of colours. Powder blues and mint greens, with pops of neon green and orange, and a fuckload of black leather? Very cool. I was drooling over every coat (in typical Chloe fashion) and I have also decided I desperately need coloured leather. The powder blue leather skirt is calling my name.
  • Basso & Brooke – Oh god, where to begin. These men are just too incredible. All I’ll be wearing all winter is clashing print oversized jumpers and long skirts, with pushed down socks and heels. Also entirely loved the first look (red red red), and the long dresses at the end of the show. Absolutely in love with Basso & Brooke.
  • Temperley London – Such a gorgeous collection. The Russian fur hats, with the French belts and (brocade?) A-line skirts, and bright floral print – who knew it would be such a good combination?! The drapey silk evening dress was simply beautiful too, and I obviously loved the trenches/capes with leather sleeves and trim. Such an eclectic collection, while remaining so simple.
  • Louise Gray – Well, seeing as I don’t know where to start, I’ll say the hair and makeup was just incredible. Don’t shoot me, but it was more reminiscent of Lisbeth Salmander than half of the other designers that are barking that the fictional hacker was their inspiration! I absolutely love Louise Gray, and this collection was no exception. It’s like looking at a beautiful illusion. Loved that even the cuts were completely clashing – tight long sleeved dresses, drapey high-neck dresses, then baggy oversized t-shirts, and tailored collared shirts. Loved seeing K-Mitt & MJ in this show, too. Two of my favourite faces, what beauties.
  • Giles – Goddamn this was just amazing. The print that looked as though someone had stabbed at the clothes with a giant cigarette is just beautiful. Something about that burned look is really heartfelt, and pretty. [Edit: Maybe I just need a cigarette.] The black silky jacket is a beautiful cut, and I am in desperate need of that long collared dress. Also desperately need a big event to attend, so I can wear tuxedo tails over a print dress. This collection was like a delightful gothic gelato. Yum.
Hope youre having a good weekend beauties. Milan recap will be up tomorrow. Cx

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