instagram one

I’m trying out some new content on here, thanks to this post from Independent Fashion bloggers.

So here goes; an insight into my chaotic start to 2012.

new campaign image for J a i m i e  S o r t i n o
gelato nails
shoot for Eleven Australia, KY jelly in the hair by Kylie O’Toole
cocoa tart with Persian fairy floss
spilled coffee on my dress at the airport before a shoot & ended up buying a navajo poncho to cover it
Jaimie and new addition to the A-team, Jnr. Fasstino!
soldiers and boiled eggs for breakfast in Melbourne before an 11 hour shoot
brand new books and hair products, happy
skullz pattern on my favourite skirt
shoot for Mark Leeson & Richard Darby
a rare break: cranberry green tea and a cigarette
Maggie, about to be shot by Andrew O’Toole for Karen and Robert Bava (Parlour Hair)
flyer for The Adelaide Collective, a new online publication for up and coming local artists
a glass of red after long shoot = best thing ever
steel-grey hair for the Kaaral Modern Minimalism Tour, walking for Jason Fassbender
Jeffrey Campbell Spike Lita’s for Tyla’s birthday

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