westfield marion a/w 2012 show

Eventful night! Excuse the crappy, crappy iPhone photos, but please let me explain: my camera ran out of battery the moment the show started… Typical. With only 19% battery left on my phone, but wanting to take photos to share with you guys, I took only a few photos, of items and outfits that I really liked. Voila – this is by far the best, and most professional looking post I have ever done… Naht.

20120309-012944.jpg   20120309-012931.jpg

Woolen skirts, (remember seeing some in A Detacher Fall 2012 RTW? Here.) i love them. I hope they eventually bring out woolen maxi skirts too, thats my idea of heaven.


Love the crucifix bodychains, very cute touch. Love the maroon leather on the left too.


Blazer, bowtie, leather skirt, cute glitter booties with strap detailing. Incredibly cute. (right)


I just really loved the pattern on this jumper.


Stockings under cropped pants is a cool idea.


Super masculine and androgynous. I’m kind of over desert boots, but I love the idea of girls wearing coloured baggy chinos tucked into boots. Totally enjoying the love for oversized jumpers this season too, finally my winter wardrobe basic is on trend! (I have a baggy woollen jumper in every colour shape and size.)


Last but not least, a close up of those shoes. I love them, but glitter isn’t really my style. How I wish I could be a girly girl sometimes!



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