pfw favourites pt 2

Part deux.


  • Comme des Garcon – Just everything. The rotund shapes, the bright wigs with short fringes, the extended hems, the outlines in outlines, and the giant oversize pastel bubble dress. Comme des Garcon never lets me down.
  • Jean Paul Gaultier – undone flies, lots of leather in different neutrals, crucifixes, and shirts that look like they have a jumper tied round your waist… but  its actually just part of the shirt. Genius. The king of insane does it again. Stand out look was obviously Karlie Kloss, looking like a gothic seductress.
  • Junya Watanabe – First off, the hair is my favourite hair out of all of fashion month. So rad. I love the old world print dresses, that completely clash with the new sci-fi orange/purple prints also featured. Fell in love with the strangeness of those jackets and extra cut out pieces.
  • Kenzo – Every shade of green ever, really cute felt caps and felt boots in a multitude of colours, cinched waists, and lovely bright prints at the end. I normally don’t like anything with branding, but the branded jumpers (like the one Karlie is wearing, first look) are fairly cute. The set was absolutely incredible, over five levels with models walking down escalators, if there is a video out there, please link me to it because I cant seem to find one!
  • Vivienne Westwood – I love the strange muted colours with almost ‘homeless chic’ styling, with pops of bright pinky orange prints. The huge billowing wrap capes were my favourite. Either that, or Dempsey Stewart on a bicycle. God she’s a beauty.

I’ll be posting the last Paris post tonight as well, and tomorrow you’ll see my wrap-up of LMFF. Didn’t get to go this year, but am keeping up with all the fantastic coverage that’s being provided by amazing Australian bloggers.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Cx


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