pfw favourites pt 3

Part trois.


  • Yohji Yamamoto – God Yohji is amazing. Drapey furs and wool, with reds, blues and purples. I love that subtle chain in the one white coat, and the plaits with the khaki looks, too.
  • Givenchy – It looks really soldier-like, very like old world tough leather they wore under armour. And with the detail on the silk singlets, it looks medieval! I really love this collection for that reason, it looks tough, warrior-esque, with a hint of lace and silk.
  • Yves Saint Laurent – Tulips, leather trim and chainmail. I do love leather clothing of all varieties, so the high necked leather shirts should really be in my closet. I’m not generally a fan of belts for unnecessary reasons, so although I dont mind the look in the show, I wouldn’t be able to pull it off without feeling uncomfortable. The chainmail is my favourite part ever. I’d wear that chainmail dress everywhere. Just for shock factor.
  • Jean Charles de Castelbajac – Jean-Charles is my spirit animal. I always love his collections, and this one is no different. There are no highlights of this collection for me: the entire collection is one big huge highlight. Be right back, sowing eagles onto the shoulders of my dresses.
  • Alexander McQueen – BIG FLUFFY LOVE LOVE VISOR FLUFF. I don’t care what anyone says, Sarah Burton is doing a fucking awesome job, and I love her. How amazing are those silhouettes at the very end.

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