what’s in my bag?

A lot of shit, really. A lot of receipts, the plastic wrapping that comes on cigarette packets, ten different lipsticks and stupid amounts of business cards. However, these are the basics I keep in my bag at all times. This is probably the only girly thing about me: there are a lot of ‘basics’ that I ‘need’ in my bag.

  1. I’m a huge bag whore, and I change bags constantly. This one is my new favourite, its less of a handbag, and more of a backpack that I bought for $12 for Aussie Disposals then altered with safety pins and pink silk
  2. ‘You ain’t all that’
  3. My diary. From Typo, this year is the first year ever that I actually used and relied on my diary for more than a week into the year. It doesn’t leave me. EVER.
  4. Marlboro Gold’s and a lighter. Yes, I smoke. I like smoking.
  5. Water. Always.
  6. iPhone 4S – I’m constantly working on the go, so this never leaves my hand really. Headphones – never know when there is going to be a screaming child on your flight.
  7. Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Summer 2011. I love the fact my fragrance bottle is a naked female figure with tattoos.
  8. My purse, obviously. Glo-mesh.
  9. My makeup purse. How rad is it? Red & purple floral print, with a bulldog.
  10. The default makeup. I need it, if I have a shoot and need to go somewhere after, having my basics in my purse means I don’t have to go out with crazy amounts of shoot makeup on! I have: Nude by Nature Tinted Moisturiser, Models Prefer Mineral Foundation (I use it as bronzer/contourer because I’m so pale) and brush, Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara, and Prestige Liquid Eyeliner (50’s wings are my go-to when I need to look a little bit madeup!).
  11. I always keep a necklace and a few rings in my bag, incase I have to punk it up a bit. My favourites are my dog collar necklace, girly skull ring, and crystal pentagram ring.
  12. Kevin Murphy Powder.Puff, incase I have to actually make my hair do something. This is the best hair product ever. Sportsgirl Nail It nailpolish remover pads, these little things are genius. They remove polish with conditioning oil, so they dont hurt my constantly-splitting nails. Plus theyre easy to carry around (incase I forget to take nailpolish off before a shoot or something), and they’re only $4.95. So good.

SO yeah, think about these things, plus receipts and pieces of scribbled-on paper from the past 3 or so months, plus random rubbish. This post gave me a reason to clean up my bag though. Thanks! Now I can start messing it up again. Don’t forget to like Swim with the Current on Facebook! Cx


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