warming up for the cold

After watching the Basso & Brooke show, I got thoroughly inspired by one of the main silhouettes: the oversized jumper, knee-length skirt, bootie heels with chunky pushed-down socks. It intrigued me, because the only part of the body that can be seen is about 30cm of leg, yet for some reason, the shape that is created is incredibly flattering.

I decided to give it a go myself. However, Basso & Brooke showed this look with a fantastic mish mash of clashing prints: I am very unskilled with prints (but working on it), and lacking in wardrobe pieces to accomodate such a thing. So I decided to use the pieces that I had to create a similar shape, but with block colours and lines instead. Every single thing I’m wearing is either opshopped, or was given to me – cheapest outfit ever! I’m in love.

Berry red jumper- opshopped

Skirt- opshopped

Necklace- from a market stall in Egypt (it says my name on the reverse side)

Ring- Samantha Wills

Shoes- Wittner

Bag- Glomesh

I definitely feel as though this winter, I’m going to be wearing knee high socks, or pushed down super chunky socks (like in this post), with almost every outfit. What do you think? Feel free to comment and let me know. Cx

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