tavi gevinson for stylelikeu


Tavi is quite obviously phenomenal, and a massive inspiration (she’s 4 years my junior, so its weird saying that, but it’s totally true.) She recently did a closet interview with Stylelikeu, and its really fantastic.

I really enjoy her style, first off. Tavi connects with her clothing on such an emotional and spiritual level, which is something I really love. Everything she wears, she connects it with memories, or a piece of pop culture – she constantly has ideas spinning around her head about what comes with each piece of clothing. It isn’t just an outfit to her, it’s a tangled web of memories and connections, it’s a mess of nostalgic art. Its something that doesn’t come around a lot these days. People like Tavi don’t exist anymore in fashion, she’s an old soul.

Another reason I love this girl, (there’s a million, but I’ll just give you a couple) is that she doesn’t take herself seriously. Near to the end of the full video, she talks about sitting next to Anna Wintour at fashion week and how crazy it was, but goes on to say that everyone at the show looked miserable.

“That’s why something like a Rodarte show is so special, ’cause people let their guard down, they just let themselves enjoy it. You have to stay realistic about it. I’m not gonna go to a show like that where everyone’s acting all snobby and pretend that it’s glamourous, it’s kind of pathetic. It’s so high school…”

She has such a unique and beautiful view of the world and the fashion industry. She’s so logical, inquisitive and mature for her young age. I wish I could’ve been as intelligent, driven, and as fabulous at sixteen years of age. What an absolute beauty.


I’ve linked a preview above, and the Stylelikeu post and the full 7-minute video is here.




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