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Bowerbird Bazaar, the Adelaide design market, is one of Adelaide’s gems that should never be missed. This was my first ever visit to the bazaar, held in the Adelaide Showgrounds, and I am seriously kicking myself for having missed it previously.One woman I spoke to said that she shows at design markets all around Australia, but the Bowerbird Bazaar was her favourite. I found some amazing designers from all around Australia, and I’m incredibly excited to share them with you. I’ve split them up into types of design, so whatever takes your fancy is easy to find!


Sarah Rothe (Adelaide)

Sarah’s simple but beautiful designs are created through anodising titanium, which creates the beautiful colours of the pieces (I hope I got that right…) Her gorgeous delicate designs are a gorgeous statement piece for any outfit. There was also a stall set up showing how the jewellry is made, which was damn interesting.  I couldn’t stop staring at these gorgeous pieces.

Stannard Inc (Sydney)

Stannard Inc. have an incredible variety of semi-precious rock and gem pendants, leather with detailing, and chunky hammered bronze accessories. Such an amazing variety of beautiful, stand-out pieces. I wanted to buy everything.

Resinate (Adelaide)

Resinate have an incredible array of steel, resin and plywood designs, from cuffs to earrings to pendants. Again, I wanted to buy everything. The designs are so unique to everything else, and have the potential to change any outfit. I found that Resinate blurred the line between tough and feminine, which is something that really appealed to me. Statement pieces for every type of woman. Absolutely love it.


Kitty Came Home (Adelaide)

Kitty Came Home is one of my favourite local labels. Well known for the plastic-covered fabric wraparound clutches, this label offers so so many beautiful items. I also love the jewellry, I bought the ‘cloud pendant’ for one of my friends for their birthday, and they wear it everyday. KCH offer simple pieces of jewellery that can be worn everyday, but are still a bit dfferent to the norm, and are extremely beautiful and extremely heartfelt. I am in desperate need of owning the Vintage Fabric Super Clutch in ‘Bird and bamboo. Just amazing.

Only Midge (Melbourne)

I completely fell in love with Only Midge’s canvas satchels, they are just incredible. But I also love love loved their fabric purses, in so many different designs. When I went onto their website later, I discovered you can choose which purse design you want, then choose your favourite fabric design – just gorgeous. I’m in love with the sailboats from S/S 11. Beautiful collections.


White Wall Photography (Adelaide)

I’ve worked with Scout from White Wall previously, and shooting with him is a lot of fun. I was thrilled to see him at Bowerbird. I couldn’t recommend these guys more, their portfolio is just gorgeous. If you’re looking around for an engagement or wedding photographer, and you want something a different and better than the norm, you can’t go past these guys.


Mücke (Melbourne)

I was over the moon when I found Mücke. A sustainable clothing label from Melbourne, the designs are exactly what I love. Layered, drapey, muted, yet a little bit crazy, the entire rack would slide into my wardrobe veeeery easily. The designs are just beautiful, but make sure you visit the website and read about Mücke’s fantastic outlook on being able to look awesome and not be a dick to Mother Earth.

The Gently Unfurling Sneak (Melbourne)

They have one of the best company names ever, and this label also delivers with their designs. I fell head over heels in love with their bright silk dress/shirts, with gorgeous prints. I can’t even begin describing them, they have to be seen to be believed. The scarves are just as beautiful. TGUS also create prints, canvases, cards, and brooches, too, s visit their website, and buy everything before I do.

So those were my favourites, but there were tonnes of other talented and unique designers to be seen at the Bowerbird Bazaar. Follow them on Facebook to see when the next event is on, because it was seriously awesome. Here’s some more incentive:



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