liza emanuele ‘in my dreams’

Now, people who know me will probably die of shock when they read that I, Chloe Sargeant, went to a bridal show. I’m not a wedding-y, bridal person. However, I have deep appreciation for the detail that goes into a wedding dress. I am the first to say that wedding dresses have the potential to be absolutely godawful, and that generally I prefer structure and minimalism when it comes to the dress for the big day.  I went to the Liza Emanuele show with an open mind, and came out pleasantly surprised.

Liza’s attention to detail and fabric choice are fantastic. Majority of the photos below are detail shots of the some of the gorgeous laces that are used in this collection. A vast range of fabric, and the boldness of using multiple fabrics in one outfit, was also noted and deeply appreciated.

I also really loved the fact that many of the dresses were not actually dresses. They were seperates, and so could be swapped around to create a completely different look. This gave many of the outfits a slight wrapped, layered look which (my readers would already know), I looooove.

This collection really nailed the ability to be bold without being over the top. Incredible work Liza. Cx

Oh, and P.S. how cute is Liza’s daughter with her teeny-tiny cupcake.


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