a beautiful ending

Every morning, she wakes alone. Every dusk, she yearns to fall with another. She knows nothing of the real world, her mind has been locked away from humanity’s evil ways. Her concrete garden bores her… she needs something natural, something beautifully ugly, something or someone to define her… Until the queen of evil nature finds her. The temptress finds her, teaches her, corrupts her, loves her, hates her, spins her until she no longer remembers who she is or what she knows. Then the queen leaves her. She is alone. As close to dead as alive can be, she must start again.

‘A Beautiful Ending’ is a conceptual campaign, shot by Elisa Mercurio, for South Australian designer Jaimie Sortino. The ethereal nature of Jaimie’s gowns calls for an eerie, haunting concept – so the team went for the most emotionally haunting of all:

‘Boredom, loneliness, corruption, secrets, and death in undying love’, for the unloved who have loved and lost.


Photography: Elisa Jane Photography

Gowns: Jaimie Sortino

MUA: Becca Kennedy

Hair: Jason Fassbender for Parlour Hair Unley

Models: Chloe Sargeant and Maggie Cameron (Finesse Models)

Hope you all love it as much as we do! These aren’t all the photos, to see the entire collection, click here Cx


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