the fashion week shopping curse

I’m constantly poor. I don’t know why. I just am. Probably because I work a part time weekly job, and for the rest of the time I’m a freelance writer. Which don’t pay much, kids.

But I recently got accredited for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, and I’m really excited. But in the leadup, I knew I had to be sensible and sort out my finances a bit, and save some cash to buy flights, accommodation, and have some money to go over there with (y’know, to eat/buy wine with). But unfortunately, flying to Sydney for MBFWA isn’t just a cruisy week in NSW. It’s Australian Fashion Week. There’s outfit complications.

I recently got to this stage (if you love fashion, you’ll know the exact stage I’m talking about): “I hate everything I own. There’s nothing exciting in my wardrobe. I have nothing to wear.” Which I know, logically, is completely ridiculous because the wardrobe is about to explode from an overload of clothes and shoes, but it doesn’t matter. I need something new, something fresh. So the Fashion Week shopping curse begins.

You’re trying to save every penny you get. You’re thinking about what to wear for those five days of craziness. You end up on online shopping websites for hours, looking for “inspiration”, you tell yourself. You think to yourself, “you know what, those boots are only $xxx, and I’d be able to wear them all the time, it’s an investment, and I won’t buy anything else, that’s it.”
Here’s some more common FWSC-logic thoughts:

  • “Well, since I’m already paying for shipping, I’ll buy some new statement pants, and they can be my “one crazy fashion week purchase.”
  • “I should head to Zara and have a look around, I’ll be able to get some cheap basics that I can rug up with” … you end up leaving with 3 bags and a $450 receipt – you’ll ALWAYS wear that shirt with Dachshunds on it, right?
  • “I love that Balenciaga sweater… but no, I’m on a budget. Perhaps I’ll save my money and try and find a cheaper alternative somewhere!” … you end up spending $300 anyway on a skirt that doesnt even resemble the Balenciaga in any way shape or form, because you simply got fixated on buying a skirt.
  • “It’s only a cheapie, I can afford that. And that. And that. And that.”
  • “You are only allowed to buy one more thing, Chloe.”

Any of these sounding familiar? Scumbag fashion brain.

Here are my purchases so far…

Zara ‘jungle print’ silk shirt

Zara plaid cigarette pants

Op Shop shopping spree

Alexander McQueen Razor pendant

Plus some goodies from local ladies Cameo!

But that’s not all. My finger is currently precariously hovering above these beauties, too:

My bank account is going to hate me.



3 thoughts on “the fashion week shopping curse

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I’m inches away from spending ludicrous amounts on a new jacket. I do actually need a new jacket but probably not one that eats up a month of wages. Sigh.

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