romance was born: a thank you post

Romance Was Born always put on a good show at Australian Fashion Week. We’ve seen girl scouts, we’ve seen dinosaurs, and we’ve seen mermaids. Their theatrical designs must be hard to beat each year… but I think they may have in 2012.

My friends will know that, even though I love and work in fashion, I am a complete and total nerd. I used to work at a video game store, and I read comics and graphic novels. I can have an animated and detailed conversation about any of the Batman movies. Or Skyrim. So when I read this article from about Australian enigmas Romance Was Born, my nerdy little heart leapt out of my chest in happiness.

Romance Was Born’s SS12-13 collection is inspired by Marvel Comics, and will feature twenty three different prints designed from archival comics from 1940 onwards. Anna Plunkett, one half of the Romance designer duo, warns out that we “shouldn’t expect [them] to take it too literally,” and that her and Luke Sales were “still fleshing it out.” So I’m assuming But seeing as they had access to all of Marvel Comics’ archives, the referencing will be damn cool.

According the article on, Plunkett also said that the starting point and inspiration for their designs was the clothing and armour of the superheroes. Pedestrian also said that, from glimpses from Instagram, The Flash and Black Widow features heavily, so we know that we can rely on red, black, PVC, and lightning bolts.

So all in all, I just wanted to thank Anna and Luke from Romance Was Born, for allowing me to mix my nerdy side and my fashion side for the first (and probably only) time. It feels good to talk about comics on my fashion blog: I feel like that side of my personality doesn’t get enough time in the spotlight! I have my fingers crossed that I will be able to witness your superheroic SS12-13 collection at MBFWA, I’m positive it is going to be amazing!


photos from, grazia,,

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