shoes maketh the woman: guest blog for novo shoes

I was recently asked to be a part of Novo Shoes Guest Blogger campaign! I really love Novo, they are always my go-to whenever I need a new pair of heels for an outfit, so I was over the moon! My blogpost for them went up today, and this is it! Or, you can see it on the Novo website HERE.

Shoes have the ability to change a person. I’m not just talking physically either, I’m talking mentally too. No really! Think about it. Think about your self-confidence levels when you’re at home wearing your ugg boots and trackpants. Now compare that to how you feel when you are out and about with friends, and have your favourite heels on. Big difference, right?

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my ugg boots and trackies just as much as anyone else! But there’s something about a pair of high heels that can transform a woman. There are physical aspects that of course impact the female figure, which would have an effect on confidence and self-esteem. Height is the obvious one: That extra height will give you confidence because you’re standing tall and being noticed! Heels also accentuate the female form: they tuck in the buttocks, create an arch in the back, and push the bust forward. The female figure is accentuated, so our curves and nice bits are instantly lovelier as soon as we put on a pair of heels. It makes our legs look longer and more toned. We take shorter strides when we walk, which are more ‘ladylike’ than taking huge steps when you are barefoot.

So why do these things make us feel so good? The femininity that comes with a pair of high heels obviously gives us a sense of confidence in our womanhood. But think about this situation for example: you’ve been contacted for a job interview. The hallway to this company has a marble floor. The strength in your sway, and the sound of your 5 inch pumps clicking down the hallway leaves a powerful impression. There’s something very attractive about a strong woman, and you were it. New job? Thank you very much!

Not everyone’s style is conventionally feminine, or ‘sexy’. But that’s the great thing about modern fashion. Androgyny is in style. There are so many chunky boots, black leather, heels with studs and buckles – shoes with an edge, ‘masculine’ heels. Which is even more fantastic, because all of the aforementioned elements, the confidence, the power, the sexiness, are all still there. You don’t have to sacrifice current trends or your own style. Heels don’t always have to be girly; there are heels available for every style and every type of girl!

I’ll show you. Are you a girly girl? Try the Explorer in ‘natural’. With interesting laces at the front and back that take inspiration from the ladylike Victorian era, with a modern ‘hiker’ twist, these boots would look gorgeous with a lace skirt, or a pastel maxidress!

Or are you the rock ‘n’ roll girl that loves everything in black? Try out the ‘Sloane’ heel in black. The subtle snakeskin platform, and the detailing at the top of the heel keep a basic bootie on trend, and thus make ‘Sloane’ the perfect shoe to team with a simple outfit, like jeans, drapey black tee and a leather jacket.

Now I’m definitely not saying a pair of heels is all you need. But heels do have the potential to remind you about everything that you love about yourself. And sometimes a girl needs that, y’know? Next time you’re feeling not-so-great (and there’s no shame in that, we all go through it!) put your favourite heels on and remind yourself that you are confident, sexy and gorgeous, no matter what your style is!

Chloe x


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