instagram #2

Just a little insight into the past month! This past month has been completely crazy, and I’ve loved every second of it. From interviews left right and centre, to writing my first post as guest blogger for Novo Shoes, to maxing out my credit card trying to work out outfits for MBFWA, and everything else in between! I’m loving being so busy – keep it comin’ guys! Cx

gorgeous message from a male friend about my Novo post – made me smile so much!
shooting for the Mimco Dreamwarp Style Society, with Elisa Jane and Stencil‘s Emma Thomson
woke up one morning at 8am and decided to dye my hair lime green. loved it so much
guest blogpost for Novo Shoes
photoshoot for the amazing Robert Bava with incredible photographer Andrew O’Toole
my first Alexander McQueen purchase: razorblade pendant. so much love.
SWTC on Facebook. Like away beauties!
outfit post ft zara and novo shoes. will be up soon!
SWTC first ever business cards
shoot for Eleven Australia with Andrew O’Toole
trying to eat healthy. raw beef and vegies before the cooking storm, so pretty
Vinteloper pop-up wine bar became my home while it was open – it was amazing and I still miss it!
ring collection: none the richer, cheap monday, samantha wills & sportsgirl
photoshoot with the goddess lady Phebe Rendulic – such a fun day
Kiehl’s launch at Burnside Village – post coming soon!
outfit/beauty shot for the launch of Liza Emanuele’s ‘in my dreams’ collection

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