gail sorronda mbfwa

Called ‘OH MY GOTH!’, you were probably expecting a normal amazing black and white Gail Sorronda collection. Umm… no. Taking much of her inspiration from Pierrot the Clown, this ‘happy goth’ collection featured rainbow brights, polka dots, large dark pendants, patent mary-jane flatforms, painted-on black ‘smiles’, and slicked back hair with oversize bright headpieces. Absolutely incredible – I really loved it, and stayed standing watching the models move from box to box for probably much longer than I should have.

This was MBFWA-goers first introduction to ‘The Box’, too. More of an installation/presentation than a runway show, The Box allows guests to stand in front of the models and photograph the pieces without getting frustrated by movement or lack of a seat close to the runway. It’s quite an international strategy to present a collection, and it’s great that Australian Fashion Week is trying it out! Although I heard mixed reviews throughout the day, I really love it – the only fault is hundreds of people standing outside in the cold waiting, sometimes for up to an hour. If MBFWA are able to sort that, I think The Box will be such an amazing idea!

Oh and Gail, if you do bring out the ‘OH MY GOTH!’ tees by chance, I’ll be purchasing one immediately.



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