song for the mute mbfwa

Holy wow. I can’t actually rave about this show enough. I was fortunate enough to be the last person to get into this show, which meant I was squished in a corner and only able to shoot from behind where the models were standing in The Box, but I still managed to see just how amazing this collection was. The draping, the raised collars, the layering, the casual sneaker, the darkened neutral colour palette. It was just beautiful, so beautifully crafted, and so detailed while remaining so simple with an ‘I don’t give a fuck what I’m wearing attitude’. My favourite piece is the jacket in the fourth image, on the right – high collar that sits perfectly, so it looks polished yet somehow unruly. I wish I could see this show again. Not just the clothes either, but also for the presentation itself: models walked out sporadically, rather than one by one, and walked onto white boxes that lit up when they were standing on it.It seems chaotic, totally at random, yet totally peaceful. Absolutely perfect, loved it. 

Oh, and aside from the clothes, the models in this show were just… unf. No words. Cheeky.


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