toi et moi mbfwa

Beginning with an acoustic/vocal performance, this show was adorable. Although the beginning pieces weren’t really my thing, the end of the show really made up for it, for myself personally. The beginning of the show featured a lot of neutrals and pastels, with clean cuts – something that I can appreciate, but not really memorable for me. However, the end of the show featured an incredible high waist, black and white pleated skirt, which was incredible; especially the movement in it as the model walked. The other black and white items, including the gorgeous flowing coat Chic model Rachel Rutt finished the show in, were also awesome. Any of these pieces would be happily welcomed into my wardrobe! The show was accompanied by a soundtrack of French versions of popular songs, which was very kitschy but worked very well for the label. All in all, Toi et Moi was very hit and miss for me personally, but I’m definitely glad I attended and saw those new items to covet! Toi et Moi has also inspired me to rediscover the velvet choker – so 90’s, so awesome.



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