hardwick by mariana hardwick

Mariana Hardwick is obviously incredibly talented. This collection was incredibly beautiful, featuring heavy detailed laces in muted metallics and black, with plunging necklines and claw-like detailing. It mainly focussed on lace, which can tend to be dangerous to base an entire collection on one materal (as if it isn’t done right, the collection can all look very same-same), but Mariana Hardwick completely succeeded. I absolutely loved the black dress on the far left, with silver detail on the waist and shoulders that looked somewhat like claws. The video playing onto the models was a moving montage of natural images, so trees and waves slowly moved over the models and their dresses, then would switch back to solid lighting. It gave the dresses a little something extra, and it was absolutely beautiful. X


One thought on “hardwick by mariana hardwick

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