menswear mbfwa

The group menswear show was really great. Labels were From Britten P/L, Injury, Kalb & Etiw, Mils, Zsadar and Nathan Paul Swimwear. Despite my entirely strange awkwardness when it comes to men in underwear, it was a really enjoyable show and a great display of up and coming menswear. Here’s some photos of my favourite pieces from the designers that showed. So many incredible structured pieces, and the nose rings, chains, and skeleton backpiece was so rad. Loved it.


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One thought on “menswear mbfwa

  1. Crazy Menswear looks. Out of this world. That back skeleton-armor-corset thing is actually a bit frightening. It’s interesting contrasting the avant-garde men’s fashion with the elegant simplicity of the women’s silk work you highlighted in your last post.

    Must say, I’d be much more comfortable swimming with the ladies’ currents than the men’s here. Can’t say how flattering the “day of the dead” torso wrap would be on my figure. 😉

    Thanks for the updates. Wish I was there.


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