christopher esber mbfwa

Hands down show of the week. When guests walked in, the set for the show was three diagonally-placed mirrors, so all guests were staring at themselves before the show started. The only thing was, the mirrors were those altered mirrors, the ones you find at the circus. So everyone was staring at each other in a sort of fat/skinny tall/short parallel universe. Amazing idea! Esber’s collection was hands down one of my favourites of the week, with exceptional structuring, sleek tailoring, and a black, white and grey colour palette. The show had quite a clinical feel to it, especially the white pieces. All so tailored and minimalistic, added to the mirrors reflecting tired faces of hard-working Fashion Week-goers and white walls of The Theatre, the show gave a fantastically simple fashion hospital vibe. The models walked through the mirrors, then looped back around again, on the outside of the mirrors for a more detailed look at the clothes. Unfortunately I didn’t get the best pictures at this show – a quite rude lady seated next to me kept kicking my heels and forcefully pushing me in the back to get me out of the way, despite the fact the models walked right in front of her when they looped back around. I have a bruise on my back from her. Sigh. Oh well. The fabulous Jamie from OhJamie got incredible pictures: visit him here. Congratulation Christopher Esber, I think you really restored everyone’s faith in Australian design. Thanks for the cocktails at Bar 100 after, too! Amazing night.


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