jenny kee mbfwa

I love Jenny Kee so much. So much I actually squealed when I walked into The Box to see her presentation at MBFWA. She is absolutely fantastic, as a person and a designer. I saw her a few times around the OPT and just wanted to hug her. Her designs have always been innovative, fresh, fun, and not for the faint-hearted. This collection was no exception. With clashing oriental and Australiana influences, this collection featured bold prints that can be compared to no other. The models all wore huge eccentric headdresses made of sticks, flowers or leaves. I did feel for the poor models – the line to view Jenny Kee was so long, they ended up standing in the same place under hot lights wearing these heavy headdresses for at least an hour. This proved too much after a while, and models were requesting to come off stage, Rachel Rutt being one of them – poor girls! Finesse babe Melissa Johannsen was last model standing, and I managed to get the best photo I took at MBFWA of her after she came off stage. Jenny Kee, this collection was fabulous – the oversize bubble skirt created such a beautiful, old-world silhouette, and your trademark eccentricity shone through every piece, and won the crowds over once again. It was definitely one of my favourite collections at MBFWA 2012. Congratulations on an amazing show!


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