new gen 2 mbfwa

The New Generation 2 show was a bit hit and miss for me. I enjoyed the first three collections; LF Markey, Ash to Gold and Uscari, but the other collections were far too floaty and kaftan-based for me to find interesting – not really my aesthetic. LF Markey was very British – tailored shirts, reds blues and greys, 90’s ‘texta’ triangles fishes and spirals print, bright socks and low docs. Sunglasses and brown leather bags and neckpieces, featuring woven detail, beads and tassels, kept each look different and interesting, while still letting the tailoring speak for itself. Absolutely loved it, gorgeous and simple and tailored with rich colours – my favourite. Ash to Gold took inspiration from the ocean – a colour palette of greeny-blues, whites and yellows, fish scale-esque details, mermaid-like bras underneath mesh, and ocean digital print. There was also  Egyptian influences visible throughout the collection; the pyramid bags and wrist cuffs, and the plain gold ankle cuffs – ankle cuffs made of precious metals were a sign of royalty in ancient Egypt. This made for quite an eclectic, but beautiful collection. Uscari, although not showing my favourite of their collections, still managed to bring a bit of wow factor to this show. The collection also reminded me a bit of nautical, ocean-related themes – the tangle of string and material around the necks of a few models reminded me of seaweed, and the rope detail on the first few orange dresses also connected the sea themes together. I’m not a huge fan of ombre when dyeing materials, but Uscari really made the concept work with this collection, it was quite beautiful.


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