the innovators mbfwa

I always look forward to The Innovators. It’s so fantastic seeing fresh designers walk straight out of school, because they aren’t weighed down by any restrictions of the industry, and are purely inspired by nothing by the world around them. This year, The Innovators included: Carlie Waterman, Stephanie Goerlach, Cynthia Thai, Kaylene Milner, Yuliy Gershinsky, Christopher Baldwin. After seeing Stephanie Goerlach’s yellow jumper in The Urban Silhouette’s shoot, I was very much looking forward to her collection, Tibbity: it turned out to be fab. I was under the impression – just from what I’d seen on the Internet – that Tibbity was yarn and wool pieces, but it turned out to be so much more. Beautiful design, fantastic craftsmanship and an overall gorgeous collection. I desperately hope this collection stocks in Adelaide soon – I want everything! Carlie Waterman’s collection was also fantastic: feminine, floaty. Kaylene Milner’s incredible collection was my absolute favourite: featuring detailed woollen jumpers and pieces that consisted of cowhide and red and black leather, this collection was a little bit western with an overall modern, sleek feel. Beautiful designs, with fab little details like statement sunglasses and a volcanic (I think) print. The audience was told that Kaylene was the winner of an internship with Diane Von Furstenburg in New York, which she was be attending shortly after Fashion Week, and after I saw her collection I can assure that this amazing prize was 100% well deserved. A huge congratulations to all the designers that showed, you did such a wonderful job!


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