gorman rundle st

As my loyal readers know, I used to be super scared of prints and bold colour for a really long time, so Gorman was never really my happy place to shop. Fast forward about a year, and I’m loving prints, and more than that: mixing them together! A girl who used to be strictly black, black, occasionally grey or khaki, then more black is now walking around a canvas of clashing prints! I know, I’m proud of me too. So, when I was contacted by Gorman to check out the Rundle St store, and perhaps have a go at styling some of their stuff, I jumped at the chance. Isn’t it strange how our personal style can change so much, so quickly?

Gorman is located on Rundle St in Adelaide, but the front of the store is quite small – you may have missed it! Their cute little store is decked out with wooden and metal furnishings, and so keeping with the natural aesthetic of the company. Created in Fitzroy, Victoria by Lisa Gorman, the company really embodies the quirkiness of Melbourne style. Their organic line of clothing is also very impressive – all items are either certified organic, or come from sustainable means! So if you love fashion but the throw-away culture that the fashion industry tends to express concerns you, then Gorman is definitely your friend when it comes to shopping.

So, I thought that while I visited it, I’d test out my newfound print-clashing, colour-mashing styling skills, and put together a few outfits from Gorman’s current stock! I love all of these lovely winter outfits – what do you think? All of them are so adorable, so warm, and a bit quirky, while still remaining stylish.

Oh, and thought you guys might like to know, since my readers are very very important people: Gorman are having a massive 25% off of everything VIP sale tomorrow, Thursday 24th May. Yup! Tomorrow. 25% off of everything, in store and online! On top of that, they are also beginning a competition to win a $3000 Gorman voucher. Visit their website on Thursday for more details, facebook.com/gormanclothing!

Completely massive. Also, a huge thank you to the girls who work in the Rundle St store! You girls are beauties, I’ll see you soon to buy some winter knits methinks!


p.s. We tried so hard to hide/take off every security tag for the photos, hahaha! if you can spot the one we forgot, you also win a high five!

Outfit details:

1) the johnston jumper, babushka jacket, mini mouse leather mini, pony boot !

2) vienna jacket, wanderlust print dress, mary wedge ! (bag not on website)

3) knot jumper, peggy pants, maxine tweed coat, jasmine heel, pom pom beanie !

Photos by the wonderful Daniel Nicholas Photography.


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