shoes i need (but cant have)

I’m in between jobs at the moment. The future looks bright, but for the next month, I’m living off of not very much money at all, which is pretty sucky. Unfortunately, I have a pretty bad addiction to online shopping. So, during the next month, I’ll probably be posting these kinds of posts a lot: things I want, but can’t have. My blog will be my ‘poor broke girl’s’ escape. Hope you guys are ok with that!

So, I’ve linked the shop links to all of these amazing shoes.

From Solestruck

The Jeffrey Campbell Spike Stinger in Clear/Silver: Totally in love with clear plastic on shoes. I’m not overly sure how comfortable it would be for an entire day, but I’m keen to try. Plus I love flatforms. My 5’7 stature makes me short as a model, so flatforms make me feel awesome. Studs also make me feel awesome.

Jeffrey Campbell Soiree: A mid-height (just over 4 inches) heel that won’t kill your feet is always awesome, but the style (single strap over the front of the foot, another around the ankle) is incredibly popular and on-trend right now. This shoe gives something different though – rather than slim black straps, the front strap is thick and plastic, and the heel is lucite. I love lucite.

Jeffrey Campbell Float: A peeptoe jelly shoe that looks somewhat like you’re standing on your tippytoes, because of a strange rectangular lucite heel? Best. I also love the hell strap, rather than it being a closed in shoe. I love these so much it hurts.

Jeffrey Campbell Alameda: Did you mum make you wear those awful velcro/buckled sport sandals when you were young? Yup. These are about one trillion times better than those. The platform means the incline isn’t huge, so you can wear them all day. These are totally 90’s and are totally perfect if you’re going for a more gothy, chunky version of sport-luxe.

From Novo

 Jayson Boot: This cowboy-esque boot is super simple and basic while still remaining interesting. I’m thinking this is gonna be my new ‘everyday’ boot.

Hume boot: They remind me of old combat boots I bought years ago, except they have a small heel. I used to love those boots, and I think I’d love these because they are a heel you can wear all day, everyday. I love those types of heels.


 Givenchy Black Corinne Strap Wedges: The on-trend strappy sandal is a bit scary for me, I normally wear boots. So these Givenchy strappy wedges are a perfect medium ground. So beautiful.

Alexander Wang Noemi Heels: similar to the Jeffrey Campbell Alameda’s above, these are perfect fit for the sport luxe look with a more gutsy edge. Mesh, velcro, eyelets, and suede. You might have noticed that I prefer black shoes over anything else. I think I love these because they are so detailed despite being ‘just black’.

and also, also: BABY BAMBI. i’m aware it’s not a pair of shoes BUT LOOK AT IT. EEEEEEE THE CUTENESS.


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2 thoughts on “shoes i need (but cant have)

  1. I highly recommend investing in the Sioree’s. I got them and they have not left my feet since! So comfortable and a total show stopper! People keep asking me where I go them, expect for my Dad who asked “why I was wearing stripper shoes”

    Chloe X

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