rockabelle couture

Damn, Adelaide has some talented people. I’ve been friends with a beauty called Caz for quite a while now, and I recently discovered her company, Rockabelle Couture.

I’ve always had a penchant for rockabilly and psychobilly music, and the style that comes with it. In fact, I did a pinup shoot a few years back and its one of my favourite photoshoots to this day. Rockabelle Couture creates jewellry, bags, lampshades, cushions, brooches and accessories, all in a incredible horror/rockabilly fashion. The stuff is just incredible. I’m going to be purchasing pretty much one of everything soon. You should too, because these pieces are unique to everything else, handmade, and so gorgeous.

If you visit the Rockabelle Couture page, you’ll notice that Caz specifies that all items may differ from photos: this is because the girl spends so much time sourcing amazing new fabrics constantly. So it depends what fabric she’s buying at the time, but you can be guarunteed that it’ll be damn awesome. If you are totally in love with something from one of the pictures, she’s quite happy to try and replicate as closely as she can. She also makes a lot of her stuff made to order… so if you love something but want a different fabric, different handles… she can do it. She will do it.

How talented is this girl?! So talented. Watch out for Rockabelle Couture stuff popping up in upcoming outfit posts… I have my eye on a pinup girl ring, the black cameo necklace with green female skull, and a bag. So amazing.


all photos taken from the Rockabelle Couture Facebook page.

You can check out Rockabelle Couture’s Facebook page here. 


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