hair expo 2012

I have worked for Parlour Hair since I was sixteen years old, and the people who work at each of the salons have become like a second family to me. I’ve attended the past three Hair Expo’s in Sydney as a model for them, and its always a lot of fun. A weekend of 3am hair colours, crazy conversations, shows everywhere, very little sleep and too many glasses of knockoff wines – always a crazy weekend. This weekend in 2012, was at the start of this month. Except this year, Karen and Robert Bava and Jason Fassbender were asked to produce the opening Gala show for Schwarzkopf at the Hair Expo Awards Ceremony. This show was huge. Four different sections, White, Tonal, Floral and Black. Each section had a totally separate vibe from the next, the first being an ethereal lineup of blondes (I was in this section), the next being a collection of bright colours and quirky tones, the next being bright florals, and the final collection being dark, eclectic shapes and styling inspired by Gareth Pugh. Such an incredible show, and such a fun show to be a part of! I’m very blessed to have such inspirational, motivated and creative people in my life, and even more so that I get to work with them.

Have a look at video, what do you think?

And yes, after that massive glitter bomb, the runway was very slippery to walk on. Very careful with every step. No injuries occurred!



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