insta-excellence/an apology

I am so sorry, lovely readers. I’ve had an awful month of writers block. Awful. I’ve struggled to write the simplest of things. I’ve even struggled to read – which hasnt happened to me since I was fifteen. So, I think in lieu of my lost writing abilities, I took a lot of photos. Let me catch you up, welcome back to my world beauties.

I found a new love for baggy thin-knit jumpers.

I was featured in Vogue Magazine and Culture Magazine! So incredible.

I drank a lot of dranks, and danced a lot of dances. Including one night where I was onstage doing the Cat Daddy.

Assisted at the October lookbook shoot for Cameo, Keepsake and Finders Keepers. Working with the gorgeous Amanda Mitchell, Phillippa Gleeson, and the always incredible Emily Wake.

My amazing sunnies that I was featured in Vogue for, broke 😦 the hinge snapped so they cant even be glued back together. Sad panda.

I helped make embroideries with quotes from pop songs on them.

I was featured in two photography exhibitions. The collaborative exhibition of Elisa Jane and Christine Obst, @Elisa Jane Studio

… and White Wall Photography’s ‘Unfading’ SALA exhibition @The White Room, in Hahndorf

I drank a beer as big as my face. @The Belgian Beer Cafe

I bought some incredible new shoes! Mint green, metal-capped points.

I worked at a sample sale for labels Finders Keepers, Keepsake and Cameo: everything was $10 or $20. I had to get something for myself too: an acid green playsuit, and faux leather pants. $20 well spent!

I was given one of the best presents I’ve ever received: an embroidery with a quote from myself on it. Made by the ever-amazing Phebe Rendulic (who’s blog Lightning Heart is probably something you should look at, because shes a babe with amazing style.)

I shot for Julie White clothing, and it was probably the most fun I have ever had on a shoot! The second photo shows the team: Adam Hadley Darrie from DAS on hair, Cat Fanto on makeup, myself modelling, and Julie White behind me overseeing the creative direction (as well as Phebe Rendulic taking the photos) @Adelaide Botanic Gardens

I discovered fake nose rings and Japanese schoolgirl hair.

I discovered the movie that my mum named me after: ‘Lovesick’, a Dudley Moore film in which he falls in love with a woman named Chloe.

I bought some incredible stuff from ASOS. Motel jeans, Vacant Clothing sweater, River Island mules, ASOS sunglasses. Happy!

Follow me on instagram: @swimwiththecurrent

It’s been a hectic month. I’ve missed you! I promise never to leave you for this long ever, ever again!


photos from my own, @adamhadleydarrie’s, or @_lightningheart’s instagram pages.

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