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You know those moments when you are just so, so proud of where you come from? I’ve experienced that recently. Adelaide is really stepping up its’ game of late, with incredible new collections from established designers, incredible photoshoots, exciting fashion events coming up, and promising up and coming designers releasing their first collections.

I discovered the two designers of see & ell after seeing both see (celia) and ell (libby) present their seperate debut collections at the TAFE SA show at the Adelaide Fashion Festival last year. Shortly after this, I met the duo during the Fringe while I was taking social snaps for a local magazine at the Garden of Unearthly Delights. Ignoring my photographer duties for probably far too long, I talked to the talented girls for quite a while, and they told me all about their fantastic label and what they hoped to achieve. Since then, see&ell is a label I always look out for in Adelaide.

Their AW12 collection is delicate yet striking, basic yet perfectly unique. The cuts and silhouettes hint at a past era, while the bold shapes and colours keep each look in the present moment. The graphic print, a popular trend right now, are different to all others I have seen, and are superbly eye-catching. This small collection packs an absolute punch, and I’m coveting a number of the pieces. Including (but not limited to) the daylight shirt dress, the daydream pants, and the sleep tight cape – which is reversible and therefore amazing.

I’ve pictured ‘behind the scenes’ images from the AW12 shoot, because they are just too adorable. The girls used new faces for their shoot, and the photos look gorgeous!

I’m actually lucky enough to be assisting at their next lookbook shoot tomorrow, with the talented Phebe Rendulic. I’m so excited to see what the girls bring out next, and I’m so excited to be working alongside one of my best friends and favourite photographers!

For more information or to purchase any of the amazing pieces, visit, or visit the girls on Facebook! Stay tuned for more about see&ell after the shoot!


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