you’ll always find me out to lunch

My day on Tuesday was spent having sushi dates and watching The Dark Knight Rises with my best friend, Phebe from Lightning Heart. IT WAS AMAZING. However, I’m glad we took these shots before the movie, because my mascara wasn’t looking too attractive afterwards!

I made my biggest ASOS order to date a few weeks ago, and most of this outfit is from that order! I inadvertently purchased an entire outfit without even realising – apparently I style without even thinking about it these days!

I’m so in love with these Motel jeans. I love the print so so much, and have received so many compliments already. They are quite thin too, they aren’t a really heavy material, so I’ll still be able to wear them in summer. Such an amazing purchase from ASOS. Not to mention the No Vacancy sweater – I bought it purely because it references my favourite Sex Pistols song. It’s one of those items that you can work into so many different outfits, so I know I’m going to get so much wear out of it. And how cute is the font! ASOS sunglasses too – they’re so Lady Gaga, and I love them. I get a lot of weird looks, and I can no longer count on my hands how many people have asked me if they are weird to look through. (They’re not. You get used to it.)

The clear plastic clutch is a super amazing piece from talented Adelaide lady Emma Sadie Thomson. Her label, EST, has just released it’s newest collection of incredible acrylic jewellry and bags. If you are in Adelaide, visit her at Work Shop on Hindley Street, or if not, visit her on Facebook!

Last but not least, the shoes. I love them so much it actually hurts. Also an ASOS purchase, they were only $30, from River Island! They make me feel like Cher Horowitz. They are so 90’s, so pearlescent, so pink. Mules. God I love mules. River Island have an incredible Australian website now too; you can visit them here:


P.S. This was Swim with the Current’s 100th post! Happy 100th to the young’un!

Sweater: Vacant ClothingBUY HERE

Jeans: MotelBUY HERE

Sunglasses: ASOS, BUY HERE


Shoes: River IslandBUY HERE

Rings: ASOS and Diva

Clutch: EST Emma Sadie Thomson, made to order


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