7 shoe trends that you need to love

Okay, so I ordered my biggest ever order from ASOS not long ago. I cannot believe how many incredible things they have right now – I’m lucky I don’t have more money, because I would spend it all on shoes. And my shoe cupboard already cannot be opened without them all tumbling out in a pile – I have a shoe addiction. In my most recent order, I managed to cull my basket to just one pair (the amazing River Island mules featured in my last outfit post, you can check their amazing new Australian website here: http://au.riverisland.com/ ), but these pairs were all in the wishlist. And they are all part of current trends, that you really need to get on board with.



Mules were super popular in the 90’s – think Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Jawbreaker – and they’ve made a huge comeback. Man Repeller posted about her love for open-toe mules recently – they’re big. Get on board.

click to buy POCKET

click to buy HEADLIGHT



Would you like a bit of extra height, but you really don’t feel like killing your feet and wearing heels everyday? You are in luck. Platform creepers, sneakers and boots are everywhere right now, and they add a bit of extra quirk to basic outfits. Super cute, and a little bit harajuku.

click to buy VITA

click to buy ALVI



I used to hate snakeskin. I’ll admit it. I did. But of late, my tastes in animal print have swiveled to reptilian, and I’m really likin’ snakeskin accessories: bangles, hats, and shoes. Parseltongue is my language now. Hiss.

click to buy MAILBOX

click to buy AEROPLANE



Let me guess: you love fashion, but majority of the time, you would prefer to be warm and comfy. YOU ARE NOT ALONE FRIEND. Luckily, wedge sneakers exist, and they are super popular. I have a pair and I wear them constantly – despite the fact they have a heel, they are the comfiest shoes ever. Also handy if you are a shortie with tall dreams.

click to buy Ash Cool Suede Wedge Trainers

click to buy DENY



Did you get involved in the comeback of the Chelsea boot? I did. I love them. However, even better news: Chelsea’s had a bit of a crazy revamp. Chelsea boots are still your go-to boot choice, but now, look for crazy prints, extra platforms, and details to make your look a little more excellent.

click to buy Trickers Silvia

click to buy ALLEY



Metals and metallic trends come and go in fashion constantly, but this trend is just so simplistically beautiful, that it will never fail to look pristine. It’s here to stay. Metal details on shoes: metal toe caps, metal heels, metal detail. All top notch.

click to buy PITCH

click to buy SIDNEY



I recently bought my first pair of strappy heels, and I am in love. A lot of people say it’s a bit too ladylike and conservative – not true at all. I rock my pair with leather pants and band tees. Get on board, this shoe trend is the #1 to partake in right now, for ladies of all tastes.

click to buy HAIRSPRAY

click to buy HARLOT


So what do we all think? Love? Loathe? Need? Wouldn’t poke em with a stick? Let me know about what you are loving right now.

Huge thanks to ASOS for sponsoring SWTC to post for them! I’m so honoured – I love ASOS way too much!


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3 thoughts on “7 shoe trends that you need to love

  1. The white/cream mules w gold heel look great. What are they like to walk in though? Also how do you work out au to uk sizing? Do you follow their grid?

    1. Hi!
      I haven’t bought those ones just yet, I purchased the pink River Island mules! They fit true to size and yeah I just follow the grid on the ASOS site 🙂

      Chlo x

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