local love

A little while ago, I went to a party at Workshop on Hindley St, to show the designers new collections. Gorgeous night, having a glass of red and browsing through the latest collections of local designers Emma Sadie Thomson, Lachy Lang, Rachel Louise Penn, and a.b. carrig!

In celebration of Adelaide fashion amazingness, I wore Cameo, and Julie White!

I have been a huge fan of Cameo for just over a year now, and not long ago, they asked me to take part in their ‘street style’ inspired campaign. It was so much fun! And to say thank you, they gave me this incredible leather collared shirt. It is one of my favourites! They also gave me this amazing cage skirt… look out for it in upcoming outfit posts!

The leggings are an item that are so close to my heart. I recently did a shoot for Julie White Fashion, and to say thank you, she gave me this gorgeous pink parcel of seperately wrapped Julie White items, plus these custom made leggings, which she made especially for me. Attached to the label was a handwritten swingtag, reading ‘for Chloe’s lovely legs’. So gorgeous I could cry!

So if you have a moment, check out Cameo and Julie White – two Adelaide locals that I’m super proud of!


Shirt: Cameo

Leggings: Julie White (custom made)

Shoes: Rubi Shoes

Rings: all ASOS except thumb rings,

left thumb None the Richer, right thumb Beville’s

Sunglasses: … I stole them from Lightning Heart.

Photos by Phebe Rendulic


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