I live about 45 minutes away from the city in South Australia, and today, I braved the suburbia wearing something that I wore to a fashion party. People around my area don’t really stray from the chainstore trends, so walking through the park wearing printed baggy pants, oriental print shirt, and heels is a little bit outta the ordinary. A group of kids riding past on scooters (and a stolen shopping trolley) were quite comfortable to stare quizzically (and very intensely) as they passed us!

Regardless, I wanted to show you what I wore the AFF Face of the Festival Launch last week! It was a gorgeous event at the Hotel Richmond, to announce that Melissa ‘MJ’ Johannsen, from Finesse Models, will be the face of the Adelaide Fashion Festival for 2012! Although MJ is born and bred in Alice Springs right up yonder, she was discovered at a model search right here in Adelaide. In her short career modelling, she has achieved an incredible amount: walking for top labels in New York and Paris, as well as appearing in many magazine editorials, including in Vogue and Grazia. She is an absolute beauty inside and out, and I was delighted to find out she was the face of the AFF for 2012.

Huge thank you to Julie White for these amazing ‘Berry pleat’ pants! I have lusted after them for such a long time. They are the best, because you can dress them up or down, and they are so so comfortable! I love them so so much.

Also, big thanks to my mum for taking these photos of me! (She will be launching her photography in the near future.)


Dress: Tokito from Myer

(worn as shirt)

Pants: Julie White

Jacket: Wish

Beanie: ASOS

Rings: ASOS

Shoes: Novo


3 thoughts on “suburbia

  1. An awesome outfit, i’m in love with the clashing prints!
    I also love the pretty, but normal location xx

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